Joomla 3.9.23

I have a user that's in the default Administrator group, I have also created a new group Staff, which is a child group of Registered. See image;

enter image description here

When Staff register on the site Administrators receive an email to approve the registration, however when a user is in both the Administrator and Staff groups they are unable to approve accounts, clicking the verification link in the email leads to a 403 error.

Removing the user from the Staff group solves the issue, however I need them to be in both groups because they are also Staff.

The reason for the Staff group is so I had display modules / content to staff only.

How should I configure my permissions so that Administrators can also be Staff and be able to approve mew user registrations?

  • It sounds like Staff should be a child of Administrators Dec 14 '20 at 1:04

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