I am facing a problem with the rendering template after duplicating. The situation is I want to load a template on iFrame. So, I've set the URL of the iFrame like-

Uri::root(true) . '/index.php?template=my_template'

This is working fine. But the problem is I need to duplicate the template (as many as I want) and after duplicating the URL Uri::root(true) . '/index.php?template=my_template' renders the template which encountered first in the database.

For example, If my original template id is 9 at #__template_styles table and I make a duplicate copy of the template and the id is 10 then the URL Uri::root(true) . '/index.php?template=my_template' always renders the template which id is 9.

So, the question is - Is there any way to render the template with it's ID (in this case with ID 10)?

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Use templateStyle query parameter.


This only works on site application (same is true for template parameter).


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