Hi I'm automating the Joomla Installations, I'm looking for a way to install an extension from an external script.

I've found this solution, but there is an issue, and that is, the "external script" also is a Joomla! install, and now, when I think of the solution, the constants will collide. Any way to get this working?

  • Are you aware of how to set up a Joomla CLI application - ie one you can just run as a PHP script on the server from cron? I would have thought that that would be the simplest solution. Oct 5, 2020 at 20:49

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One solution that comes to mind is, just get a simple php file with the "installation script" dropped in the target Joomla instance root, and then hit that script via CURL, that way the instances/runtimes are untangled and after the installation is completed, delete the "installation script".

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