I have a problem with the Virtuemart Color Swatch plugin for Joomla 3. When I add thumbnails to the product, in the admin panel, I get this error:

Warning: mkdir(): No such file or directory in /var/www/sitefolder/public_html/domain.com/plugins/vmcustom/color_swatch/color_swatch.php on line 66

Here's the code from line 66:

$thumb_folder = $folder;
if (!is_dir(JPATH_SITE .'/'. $thumb_folder)) {
    mkdir(JPATH_SITE .'/'. $thumb_folder, 0777);

This custom field appears on the site, but without a photo (in the admin panel thumbnails are loaded).

I think this problem appears because the path to the thumbnails on line 66 is wrong. The path to thumbnails is:

/images/stories/virtuemart/color_swatch/images/[here are the generated folders]

Also, if I give attribute TRUE after 0777, the error disappear, but another error appears with "no rights" to directory.

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  • If it's a problem with a specific extension like this, it's usually better to raise the question on the support forum of the extension. I suggest you try that. – Robbie Jackson Sep 13 '20 at 21:43

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