I need to batch create lots of users and I have their emails and some profile details like phone number and address. This data is in a google sheet. I just need to generate usernames and set initial passwords for them before sending login credentials to their email. Security is not a concern. How can I do this programmatically?

  1. Can I use phpmyadmin to directly insert rows into the #__users and the #__user_usergroup_map tables? The password in the table is hashed, I have no idea how hard it would be to hash a password string and insert it into the table. Besides, what should I do with the id column? Can I just find the largest id number and then simply ++ for each user to be imported?

  2. Does Joomla have a class or function that offers this simple utility like JUser::addNewUser($username, $password, $email) so that I can just write some simple code to retrieve data from google sheet and feed it into a helper function like above?


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