I've created and overridden a mod_feed targeting the Joomla! Security News Feed.


For some reason the module title isn't showing even though I've set it to yes.

Is this controlled within the module? I thought this was controlled outside of the module override in the schema.

If it's controlled within the module, I can't find anything that shows it. I have checked other core modules and can't find it either. If it's not controlled within the module, what could be my problem?

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You are using a Gantry template, which likely has pre-defined module positions.

In the Hydrogen template that you're using, the module position will be getting called like this:

<jdoc:include type="modules" name="custom-position"/>

Note there is no type value, therefore it'll use the default (inherited) style. This -- for some reason that I've never figured out nor delved too deeply into -- does not display module titles by default. So, you can either:

  1. add a type value to your jdoc:include or
  2. set the template in the module (under Advanced > Module Style) to use a style which does display the title. For example: "XHTML"

Perhaps it was me perhaps it was mod_feed (let's assume it was me.

This line was missing so I added it.

<?php if($module->showtitle){echo "<div class='g-content'><h2>" . $module->title . "</h2></div>";} ?>

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