I am passing some params to JS in my custom module using the addScriptOptions provided by Joomla:

$document->addScriptOptions("mod_mymodule", $params));

This works fine, as long as there is only 1 instance of the same module on 1 page. But how to make it work for multiple modules on the same page?

I would think to pass 1 object like so:

$document->addScriptOptions("mod_mymodule", (object)array($params => $module->id)));

In my JavaScript file I can log the object:


// Output:
  105: {...}

So the problem is that only the first module is passed in the object. I need every module to be passed in the object before it is passed to my JS file, so I can loop over the object to create desired script for each module.

Addition: I think I'm getting closer, but still not working:

$currentOptions = $document->getScriptOptions('mod_mymodule');
if ($currentOptions) :
else :
    $document->addScriptOptions("mod_mymodule", (object)array($module->id => $params));
endif ;

I think the logic is there, or not? Syntax error? I'm not sure..

Any insights? Thanks!

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A simple code review:

You don't need the condition block because getScriptOptions() always returns an array.

getScriptOptions() documentation

If you want to declare the variable $configs...

$configs = $document->getScriptOptions('mod_mymodule');
$configs[$module->id] = $params;
$document->addScriptOptions("mod_mymodule", $configs);

If you don't want to declare the variable...

        [$module->id => $params]

Both snippets execute the same behaviour, here's what is happening...

  • If the returned array from getScriptOptions() already contains a key which matches the $module->id value, then the element will be overwritten.
  • If the key does not yet exist in the array, then the element will merely be added to the array.
  • Hah. Even better. Thanks for pointing that out! :)
    – TVBZ
    Commented Jun 18, 2020 at 12:28

Okay.. Found the solution. Here we go:

$configs = $document->getScriptOptions('mod_mymodule');

if ($configs) :
    $configs[$module->id] = $params;
else :
    $configs = array($module->id => $params);
endif ;

$document->addScriptOptions("mod_mymodule", $configs);

The logic wasn't that hard. I'm still pretty new at php and Joomla! development.

Hopefully it will be of some use to someone else. Cheers!

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