I have problem with google recaptcha on my joomla site. I am using gk contact form plugin and joomla 3.7.0 version. But recaptcha is not showing due to console errors.

https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/js/recaptcha_ajax.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404


Uncaught ReferenceError: Recaptcha is not defined
at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ((index):402)
at i (jquery.min.js?78f5c4952e9cfe6f41e9ad437e81ec9d:2)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min.js?78f5c4952e9cfe6f41e9ad437e81ec9d:2)
at Function.ready (jquery.min.js?78f5c4952e9cfe6f41e9ad437e81ec9d:2)
at HTMLDocument.K (jquery.min.js?78f5c4952e9cfe6f41e9ad437e81ec9d:2)

any solution?


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