Joomla 3.9.18

I'd like to include some additional content in the default Joomla user registration email, for example am image and some footer details. I have seen this question but it involves editing core files.

I've already created a language override to include an additional line of text in the registration email, see below;




Hello %s,\n\nYour account has been activated by an administrator. You can now login at %s using the username %s and the password you chose while registering.\n\n<hr />\n\nRemember to get in touch if you need help, contact details below.\n\n

How can I include an image and maybe even some styling of the email? Currently the email is plain html, the line You can now login at %s isn't a link.

Do I add all of the additional content to the language override or can I create another override somehow?

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