I just set-up a VPS and installed Joomla. Now I need to update.

When I click on the update button, and I try to do it through FTP I get this error message

JFTP: :connect: Could not connect to host ' sftp://XXX.XXX.XXX.XX ' on port ' 21 '
File Checksum Failed

I have valid credentials set in my configuration.php for $ftp_ host, port, user, pass and root I have set to public $ftp_root = '/root';

What do I need to change so that I can update my site?

I can connect using the sftp IP and credentials through FileZilla no issue.

  • sftp is at port 22 and ftp is at port 21.
    – Amit Ray
    Commented May 29, 2020 at 8:06

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Joomla doesn't support updating thru SFTP. Joomla only supports FTP. There is a major difference between SFTP and FTP.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a plain text protocol using 2 separated connections for transferring data. It also doesn't support encryption. Except if you use FTPS which is an addition to FTP. It needs port 21 (default) and a data port.

SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is based on SSH which is a fully encrypted binary protocol and works completely different. It needs only port 22 (default).

So if you like to update with FTP you need to supply FTP credentials and not SFTP / SSH credentials.


You can just use "Write files directly"

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