I have been searching and googling for the timepicker like Mozilla thunderbird (see attachment). I need only a timepicker not a datetimepicker. I hope that it is in jQuery so that I can add this timepicker in the Joomla backend. Does any one know of this exist as open source. Or a timepicker which comes close to it. Timepicker Mozilla thunderbird

Timepicker Mozilla thunderbird - expand the 5 min. to 1 min

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If you need to select date and time, the native Calendar form field will work, using default="now" format="%h:%i:%s", thus, the user can select a date and time, but only the time is saved to the database. If you do not want the user to select a date, you could always just override either the calendar field layout, or simply hide the date selectors with something like .calendar-header, .daysrow {display: none;}. Simple, but effective.

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