Hello my joomla extension is done with a package whith contains the compenent, the library, the plugins, the medias. I have an auto-uninstall feature into my component, but when use it at the end Joomla! said that the package is still here . That's is the code that i use in a controller of my component :

$installer = new MyExtensionModelInstall;

$installer = new \Joomla\CMS\Installer\Installer;
$component = ComponentHelper::getComponent('com_myextension');
$installer->uninstall('component', $component->id);

if (File::exists(JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR . '/manifests/packages/pkg_myextension.xml'))
    File::delete(JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR . '/manifests/packages/pkg_myextension.xml');


So, how to uninstall too the extension package ?

Thanks by advance

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In your pkg_myextension.xml you need to declare, as a minimum, an <uninstall> SQL file to remove the associated data from the Joomla database. It could be something as simple as below, depending on your database structure.

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `#__yourcomponent_table1`;
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `#__yourcomponent_table2`;

DELETE FROM `#__content_types` WHERE (type_alias LIKE 'com_yourcomponent.%');

You probably ought to review the docs here too.

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