I am looking to edit some Joomla content and at the moment it's very difficult as I am not able to work in an office with my team. I'd like to removed some automated items from the K2 output on Joomla. I've looked in to the settings and switched a few things but not managed to identify which will remove these?

I'm very grateful for you help.

Thanks Louis

Image of unwanted items

  • Hi Louis and welcome to JSE. Please take our tour to learn a bit more about how our community works. At the moment, I find your question to be rather vague. "it's very difficult", "I've looked in to the settings", "switched a few things". Posting a clear question is the only way to get good/helpful/articulate support. Please edit your question to specify exactly what you've tried, list any online resources that you've followed without success, and show us exactly what you expect to achieve. – mickmackusa Apr 28 at 9:06

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