I want to remove the strip image function from mod_feed in the administrator area.

mod_feed/tmpl/default.php at line 118

// Strip the images.
$text = JFilterOutput::stripImages($text);
$text = JHtml::_('string.truncate', $text, $params->get('word_count', 0), true, false);
echo str_replace(''', "'", $text);

When I comment(//) the first $text the images don't show up.

When I comment(//) the second $text as well then the images are visible.

But can someone tell me what the true and false do that come after ('word_count', 0), true, false); And how should this be rewritten that it allows the images and still do the word count.

PS: I know editing a Joomla Module goes away after update. It is just learning for me.

PS2: Changing the last false to true makes the images show. But how to find out what it is pointed to.

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The arguments for JHtmlString::truncate() are:

string   $text       The text to truncate.
integer  $length     The maximum length of the text.
boolean  $noSplit    Don't split a word if that is where the cutoff occurs (default: true).
boolean  $allowHtml  Allow HTML tags in the output, and close any open tags (default: true).

Change the last argument to true or omit it (it defaults to true) to allow HTML tags.


  • Thank you very much for this clear answer. But especially thanks for the link I am a hundred percent sure this is going to help me a lot in the future. Cheers mate! Commented Mar 13, 2020 at 19:04

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