I have simple joomla component with some php pages on that exists inline javascript code. I added "debugger;" word in my js-code to debug it, but when I open my page in chrome with dev tools my code has stopped on debugger; but in sources I see another line so I can't view variables via hover on it. Is it chrome bug or feature or I can fix it by any settings?

  • Hi JIemON and welcome to JSE. It will be a pleasure for us to help you with any of your Joomla issues. However, we need to make sure we understand well what's the problem you are facing. Personally, I found it hard to follow you by reading the description of your issue. Also, I am not 100% sure that this is a Joomla question - So please, try to add more details and clarify the problem as much as possible, so any volunteers can give you the best advises possible. – FFrewin Feb 3 at 18:56

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