Joomla 3.9.14

I have a URL example.com/training/register, this displays a default Joomla user registration form.

Within Joomla I have various user groups;

 - Guest
 - Registered
 - - Training
 - - Sport
 - - Finance
 - Administrator

When a user registers on my site at example.com/training/register how can I automatically add them to the Training user group?

In the future I'll also need to do the same thing for other user groups and URLs, e.g;

  • Register at URL example.com/sport/register > Add to group Sport
  • Register at URL example.com/finance/register > Add to group Finance

Maybe I could use the Joomla User Profile plugin with a custom field that displays a dropdown of available categories (Training / Sport / Finance). Based on this selection the user would be added to the corresponding group?

I'm also open to suggestions for third party extensions.


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Briefly, these are your main options:

  1. Write a custom user registration component
  2. Write a User Plugin that will handle the usergroup of the registered users
  3. Use 3rd party Form extensions which integrate with JUsers and create your custom form(s)
    A few form extensions that work well for this use case:

A few more links that can be of help:

JSE Links:

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