In the file:
/html/joomla-usa/libraries/src/Application/WebApplication.php are the code:

if (!$this->response->cachable)
        // Expires in the past.
        $this->setHeader('Expires', 'Wed, 17 Aug 2005 00:00:00 GMT', true);

to set the header expires. I want to set the header to cache.
How can I set $this->response->cachable to TRUE ?

And why I can't modify the header with:
header("expires: NOW"); or header_remove(""expires");

in the index.php?

  • JFactory::getApplication()->allowCache(true) doesn't? And trying JFactory::getApplication->setHeader('expires', 'NOW', true) gets you nowhere? Those are the first things I'd try, no idea from this if you've tried them. – Arlen Jan 23 at 20:03

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