Is there a way to set an access level for menu items in a Joomla 4 custom component's admin panel (the left menu in Joomla 4)? These are defined in the manifest.xml file so I'm not sure if it's possible to make some accessible only to super admins or other custom access levels.

  • Not sure about Joomla 4, but I've played around a little with custom admin menus in Joomla 3 - see eg joomlashack.com/blog/tutorials/new-admin-menus. I think that would allow you to scrap the default admin menu, and replace it with a lookalike custom one. And you can specify the Access on the custom menuitems, as far as I can see. Not sure how that all works if the administrator then installs a new component with menu items defined in its manifest file though. – Robbie Jackson Jan 20 at 17:31

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