Joomla installation on localhost using wamp does not starts. No error is reported in the logs file. I'm using

WAMP 3.1.4 (64 Bit) Apache 2.4.35 Port 80- PHP 7.2.10 MySQL 5.7.14 Port 3306 MariaDB 10.3.9 Port 3307 Joomla 3.9.14 & Joomla 3.9.13 (used both but same results)

  • Is your wamp icon in the taskbar green? And what do you mean by "does not start"? – Lodder Jan 16 at 8:29
  • Yes it was green and online, by "does not start" I meant that I entered the url of the Joomla it showed me ; The site can't be reached – Bilal Kabeer Butt Jan 16 at 16:26

I was able to solve the issue port 80 was being used by another instance of httpd.exe, two instance of httpd.exe were running which was causing the issue. I resolved it by "Using port 8080 instead of 80".

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