I'm updating a component of mine to use the renderFieldset method and remove some unnecessary code in the form template files. However, some of my fields show / hide based on other preferences in the component. Is there a way to add any kind of show / hide logic when using the renderFieldset method? Or would I have to manually parse the form and output the logic inline as I'm doing currently?

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You can use the Form API setFieldAttribute() method to set the attribute of a field based on your config params. Then when you do renderFieldset() - which basically just does a renderField() for each of the fields in the fieldset - the revised field attribute will be taken into account when that field is rendered.

So what you probably want to do is something like

$form = getForm(...);
if ("myfield1" should be hidden)
    $form->setFieldAttribute("myfield1", "type", "hidden");

where "myfield1" is the name of the field you want to hide. Then do, as normal:


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