Can someone help please?

I'm working on a simple component which displays events. The component allows events to be submitted from the frontend. The form uses the Joomla datepicker.

The problem I'm experiencing is when I click on a date in the datepicker it doesn't populate/fill the field. The placeholder doesn't show either. Also, I can't manually type in the field.

I also have an equivalent form in the backend which also uses the datepicker and that works just fine.

One interesting thing I've discovered is, if I switch from my template to the 'protostar' template I still experience the problem, but if I switch to the 'Beez3' template the datepicker and field works perfectly.

What am I missing?

Many thanks.

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    What happens if on the same page you just echo out a calendar field using: <?php echo JHtml::calendar(); ?> ? – Zollie Jan 9 at 16:24
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    Of course because that method needs some arguments, but I thought that you might know this, so I give you a sample including some arguments for trying: <?php echo JHtml::calendar(“2019-12-24”, "field-calendar-150", "jform-field-150", '%Y-%m-%d'); ?> – Zollie Jan 9 at 18:58
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    Sorry @Zollie, I realised this after and added the arguments and it displayed perfectly. I did switch on development mode and no errors showing. – JJBW Jan 9 at 19:05
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    Applying your suggestion led me to compare it's output with the input field and doing this helped me find the issue. Believe it or not it was a CSS issue. The datepicker input field had a font size of 100% (All the other input fields didn't) which forced the content out of the field. Overflow was also hidden. Adjusting this sorted it! Thanks for all your help @Zollie, it's very much appreciated. – JJBW Jan 9 at 19:41
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    Please create a short but descriptive answer from what you found and you can accept that as a solution. That way the question will be closed with a useful answer and probably will help someone later. – Zollie Jan 9 at 19:59

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