This isn't an issue, just looking for advice and suggestions on how to achieve this. So happy to close if it's too opinion based.

My client provides training, at the end of the training they provide a printed certificate of completion to the trainee. This certificate is valid for 12 months. If for example, the customer loses the certificate and would like another copy my client would like to give them the ability to login to their Joomla website and print another one (PDF), but there should be a fee for this transaction.

In this scenario my client would have to generate a new certificate and make it available for download, perhaps with a unique reference number. Otherwise when the trainee receives their initial certificate they could simply photocopy it and have no need to ever request another? Alternatively, instead of the trainee downloading the replacement certificate via the website they simply request one, and receive a signed copy in the post?

I'm not sure how to achieve this or what's the best way. I know i'll need to use a third party product of some kind to handle to payments, so i'm open to recommendations. I've been looking at Payplans but that seems to focus on memberships rather than paid downloads.

I use DropFiles on another site and it's quite good, although not sure if it work for this specific scenario.

I'm open to suggestions on how to achieve this, perhaps there is a more efficient way that i'm not aware of. I've never used this process as a customer so it's difficult to relate.

  • I like J2Store extension for selling any kind of products and since they sell there own digital products also via their own store they really develop towards that too. The pro version is not free but I think it is still quite cheap and a good quality extension. – Zollie Dec 6 '19 at 18:26

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