In Joomla! (currently 3.9.13) the language constant COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_ is not defined. The constant is used in the error message that is displayed if the Joomla extension update system (the 'one-click update') is failing for a given extension. Since it is not defined, the error notice contains the 'raw' constant name, i.e. "COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_".
I want you use this language constant to display a meaningful error notice. To achieve this, I want to be able to define the constant through a system plug-in DYNAMICALLY (as in 'on the fly') and BEFORE the constant is used by the Joomla! core that will be displaying the message. By doing it this way, I can include the extension name for the install that is failing.
Please note that overriding the constant through the back-end is not an option, because the language constant will have to change with every different extension of which the update install is failing.

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