I'm creating a module that has 5 subforms (for theming options purpose), and each subform has about 10 fields.

So far I don't see any significant performance issue on my website (except the module's backend is slightly slow when accessed, but that doesn't really matter because the frontend is loading as expected).

But I'm still wondering, is having a lot of subforms (I plan to add more subform - about 10 subform) is something acceptable or not? Is it something that will affect the joomla performance, if you have too many subform?

  • The more data/complexity you implement, the more likely performance will be impacted. How can anyone know how much of a performance is acceptable/tolerable for you in your application. This question seems subjective/Opinion-based. Can you perhaps reword your question to better suited to this site? – mickmackusa Nov 8 '19 at 11:08

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