I have added JS as a field on Joomla Seblod, which calls a JS file in my file system my_profile.js as follows-

    .done(function(script, textStatus) {
    console.log('inside success in seblod');
}).fail(function( jqxhr, settings, exception ) {
    console.log('JS failed in seblod..');
    console.log( "Error:" + settings + ' : ' + exception );

On Chrome, the JS is called correctly and all the code works (I also get inside success in seblod message on the Inspect console), but on IE I get this on the console-

The code on this page disabled back and forward caching.
JS failed in seblod..
Error:parsererror : SyntaxError: Expected identifier

The code inside the files and everything is the same. Till yesterday I could see the changes on IE as well.

  • Have you tried contacting the Seblod developers to see if they have a fix for you?
    – Lodder
    Oct 31, 2019 at 7:50
  • It was being caused because of- Error:parsererror : SyntaxError: Expected identifier error above. Just some operators/identifiers that IE refuses to accept, and I had to find alternatives to do what I was looking for.
    – manishk
    Oct 31, 2019 at 16:23

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parsererror : SyntaxError: Expected identifier was actually causing issues with the JS code on IE. I had to do a line by line debug and finally found 2 instances in the code that was causing this-

  1. I was using this to loop through an object- for(const [serial, dates] of Object.entries(data)) {. Had to replace this with a simpler for...in loop like- for (var serial in data){ if (data.hasOwnProperty(serial)) {

  2. I'm using sweetalert in my script and a .then((result) => { inside it, and on some digging I found that IE doesn't take the arrow operators. So instead of that I used a queue on sweetalert actions and basically did the same steps but without the arrow operator.

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