I am trying to solve the requirement to move some parts of the website to subdomains. But I do not want to split the website into multiple joomla instances

My first idea was to use 301 redirects for the specific pages. I configured the apache/nginx to serve the subdomains as aliases of the top level domain. So now I can access all pages with the main and all subdomains => ✅ done-check

My next step was to define 301 redirect for the parts of the page i want to have on subdomains => ✅ done-check

Now my issue is, that I have to control that all other parts of the domain have to stay on the top level domain.

I thought Virtual domain will help (https://joomla.stackexchange.com/a/22362/13241). But sadly the plugin does not do anything. So I got stuck with this approach.

What is the recommended way to handle my requirement?



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