I'm using the Query plugin that lets me create a Query field on my List & Search.

I have a hidden field with ID 'id_number' which I'm trying to use in my query. When I check the Page Source(Ctrl+U on Chrome), the hidden field has the correct value of id_number which is 22865.

The part of my Query is-

WHERE [MATCH]p.pid||$cck->getValue('id_number')[/MATCH] AND (ban_reason in ("", "active"))

When I print this query out using the Debugger, the Query is using the literal value and querying the above as-

(p.pid LIKE '%$cck->getValue(\'id\_number\')%') ....and not like (p.pid LIKE '%22865%')

I also tried using $fields['id_number']->value, but it still queries it incorrectly.

Should I not use $cck->getValue('id_number') to get the value of the hidden field in the query?

Is there something other than this that I need to use?

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