My Joomla Version is 3.8 I want to create a Custom User Access Level to manage users in a particular group. I have a user group which is configured as the default user group when new registrations are done manually. At present user registrations are done by an administrator from background. I would like to create a user group/Access Level with rights to manage users of another group and with no other admin privileges. I mean create new, edit and Enable/Disable users of a particular group say Group A.

Is this possible in Joomla 3.8? If yes, how to go about this? If not, what's the alternate solution?

I explored and failed.

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Using the standard core functions it is not possible to to restrict the ability to manage users of a particular user group, in your example Group A. I would say that it might be possible with some custom code to limit the display of a particular group or check before saving that the user is allowed to be changed by the person/group.

To allow a group to have just the ability to administer Users requires you to set up a user group as a sub group of the Manager group and then in each of the components you do not want them to have access to you need to change the permissions to Deny if they aren't already denied by inheritance.

A quick look through the JED doesn't show up any extensions that suggest they might be able to do what you want.

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