I have created a few custom fields for my contacts. I now want to display these contact details withinin some articles using the following format;

{field 1} will display the field with the ID 1
{field 1,foo} will display the selected field using the alternative layout 'foo'.
{fieldgroup 2} will display all fields within the fieldgroup with the ID 2.

I'm using TinyMCE editor but I can't see the 'Field' button. Example of button in this image below;

enter image description here

I have checked that the plugins are enabled and cleared my cache etc.

Am I not able to add contact custom fields into an article?

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I believe the fields are only available to the component for which they were created, being an extension of that component. If you think about, if you add {field 1} to an article, how does the article know that you mean field 1 from com_contacts or any other component.

Maybe one day custom fields might advance to allow {com_contacts:field 1} which would solve your issue.

You might be able to achieve what you want using an extension that allows you to embed other modules or components in your articles.


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