I'm designing a custom component where I am utilising the tmpl=component ability to render the component only rather than displaying the default template.
How can I remove the unwanted css files which are creating a styling conflict, from the site's head, within the component ?

I use this codes and insert after defined('_JEXEC') or die;

         //get the array containing all the script declarations
     $document = JFactory::getDocument(); 
     $headData = $document->getHeadData();
     $styles = $headData['styles'];

     //remove your script, i.e. mootools

     $headData['styles'] = $styles;

and this code

unset($this->item->_styles[JURI::root(true) . '/administrator/templates/isis/css/template-rtl.css']);

but , these code not work

I want to delete administrator/templates/isis/css/template-rtl.css from custom component source and head.

A Screenshot from custom component source enter image description here


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You can't. The component is rendered before the template is parsed. You're trying to remove assets which haven't been added yet. You would need a system plugin to remove template stylesheets.


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