I try to use the form from Joomla, but seems there are strange downsides…

If I setup a contact form, from Components > Contacts, and put this Contact Component inside a Menu, I can access the "contact page" form from all these URL:

  1. /index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1
  2. /component/contact?view=contact&id=1:contact
  3. /contact

where the first ones return to the same path, but the last one is somehow "independent", with different meta tags…, but not so much (if I remove the contact component, I get a 404 error).

More strange, I have the following useless URL that seems to act like a category page:

  • /component/contact

Is there a way to get ride of all these page, without recourse to .htaccess?

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