In my Joomla website, I'm using the module type "Perfect AJAX Popup Contact Form":

enter image description here

The problem is that my website is multilingual, and a translation in French doesn't seem to be available.

No when I opened the module and clicked on the "Documentation" - tab, and checked under "Language Translations", it says that my language files are :



so no translation file connected for French seems to be the issue (because the form is automatically translated to german or english, in function of the chosen language - when I switch the language to french it gets translated to english).

Now when I checked the FTP - Server under /language/de-DE/, I found one related file:


under /language/en-EN/, the following ones:




BUT under /language/fr-FR/, not a single "mod_pwebcontact" - file could be located, so this must be the issue.

Anybody has an idea why ? Or even better, is there anybody who has access to the fr-FR.mod_pwebcontact.ini - file, or who could provide me with a respective download link?

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