I have a website using three languages, and the website includes a webshop via the Joomshopping component. The translation of the products and all worked, but the things controlled by the joomshop - module (as the label for "go to chart", etc.) are not working for the shopping in french (displayed in english). I thus checked under components/com_jshopping/lang, and weirdly found the following three files:

de-DE.php (setting translations of labels & other general stuff to german)

en-GB.php (setting translations of labels & other general stuff to english)

ru-RU.php (setting translations of labels & other general stuff to russian)

So weirdly, the php-file for russian is in my ftp-server, but not the one for French. When I rename the ru-RU.php-file to fr-FR.php, labels and stuff are displayed in russian when I switch to french in the frontend shop, so that's defo the problem. So; does one of you guys may know why this happened, or does anyone have the fr-FR.php-file for the joomshopping ready under components/com_jshopping/lang; such that I could copy it ?



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So as Lodder answered guys, you can download all the language / translation php-files for joomshop via this link https://www.webdesigner-profi.de/joomla-webdesign/joomla-shop/downloads/languages.html?lang=en (registering (free) required for the download).

unzip the downloaded zip-file of your language, and look for the php-file under JoomShopping-lang-YOURLANGUAGE-YOURVERSION-full / components / com_jshopping / lang. Take it and copy it into your ftp-server on components/com_jshopping/lang, and make sure that the name of the php-file (e.g. fr-FR.php) matches with the language tag assigned to the desired language in joomla (in this case with the tag fr-FR for french).

When I did this it all worked.

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    – Joe
    Jul 31, 2019 at 13:55

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