I can't post my URL, so to simplify it, let's say:

  • you have a website in three languages.

  • in your main menu (one defined for each language, that all works well), you have one menutab, whose type is defined as "JA K2 FILTER" --> "Items List".

  • You created one K2 Article in each of the three languages, and added it into a category of the respective language (for example the categories "Article 1 - GERMAN", "Article 1 - ENGLISH", "Article 1 - FRENCH")

  • in the options of the menutab, you select the respective category for the respective language.

  • Finally, you link the three menutabs (of the three different languages) with each other)

Now, when you click on the menutab in the default language, the article shows up, all good. But as soon as you switch to another language, the text line "Search Results" appears above the article(s). Why is that / how can I get rid of that text line??

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