I'm going to develop an extension for J2Store component. I need to display an 'add to wishlist' button on product's page. It's a pity, but the actual documentation of the component is very limited. Does anyone know what event is the best in this particular case? Where can I find a complete list of events fired by J2Store?

  • What is the url of the documentation page that you are struggling to grasp? Did you see this page? docs.j2store.org/articles/… There might be some helpful insights there. How far did you get with your own attempt? May we see your best coding attempt in your question please? – mickmackusa Jun 23 at 21:12
  • @mickmackusa yes, I have seen the page you mentioned. Also I have tried running grep -rEn onJ2Store on j2store component get the following results. – Mindaugas Jun 24 at 6:47
  • Please always add relevant details to your question body via an edit. This puts the full story all in one place , enjoys improved formatting, and puts your question at the top of the Active questions list. Please express all relevant details so that providing support is made easier for volunteers. – mickmackusa Jun 24 at 7:00

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