Never had to deal with this in the past, but now I have been asked to add a second recipient email on a contact form made with com_contacts.

At first glance this seems to not be supported by the com_contacts. So I am wondering if is there any trick that would allow me to add a BCC recipient on that form and finish this task quickly, without having to setup a new form using another component.

Any ideas?

  • As I see you really cannot do that with Joomla core contacts component. – Zollie May 16 at 4:50
  • The only thing I see on this that there is a plugin event you could act upon with a contact plugin and it is onSubmitContact. It is triggered in the controller of com_contacts. – Zollie May 16 at 5:13
  • 1
    Yes I though that a plugin could do something like that - but in that case it would be faster to just recreate the form with a forms component. I was hoping that there could be something that I am missing - like a hidden setting somewhere that I am not aware, that would allow this. Thanks @Zollie for taking the time to respond. – FFrewin May 16 at 5:52

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