so I've been asked to make a special menu for a website.I'm using the default module that is mod_menu. The issue is I want to modify the HTML Structure to that module.

But I heard modify the default module isn't good practice.

Is there any way to customize it without affecting the actual module. I am struggling a lot on the css side because of that issue. If I could just change directly that would save me a lot of time.



To modify the HTML structure, create a template override. This can be done through Template Manager or by manually copying files through FTP. The documentation already covers this very well:

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Most templates give the option to add a custom css file that allows the user to override the styles of everything in the front-end. Search the documentation of your template to see how to add one and then add all your custom styles for your menu in that file.

Check this Q/A as well, as it's relative on how to add/override the css of a Joomla site: How do I override the CSS styles in my template?

As a side note, the mod_menu has no css file in it - so I am not sure what you are struggling with.

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  • Well the HTML structure is hardcoded in the module. If I want for example add and new html TAG in the menu I need to play in the mod_menu function. – engjell bislimi Mar 19 '19 at 13:07

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