It will try to include new rules to validate the fields of a form and it does not work. I can not even get messages on the screen. Am I missing something in the code?

Here is my code:

    <form addrulepath="/administrator/components/com_mycomponent/models/rules">
        description="Type price" 
        message="Custom validation messsage"

In the /rules directory I have included a file with the name "Custom", which includes:

class JFormRuleCustomNumber extends JFormRule
    public function test(SimpleXMLElement $element, $value, $group = null, JRegistry $input = null, JForm $form = null)
        if ($value < 1) {
            $element->attributes()->message = 'The value ' . $value . ' is not valid because it is less than 1';
            return false;

        if ($value > 1000) {
            $element->attributes()->message = 'The value ' . $value . ' is not valid because it is greater than 1000';
            return false;

        return true;

Am I missing some code? Why do not you even access the file inside /rules? Please, if there is any other way to validate on the server side I would appreciate it, thanks

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The filename must be lowercase and match the name of the rule (not including casing). So rename Custom.php to customnumber.php.

Setting the message through $element->attributes()->message doesn't work for me. $element['message'] works. But the recommended way to handle validation error is to return an Exception:

if ($value < 1)
    return new UnexpectedValueException('The value ' . $value . ' is not valid because it is less than 1');

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