I am searching for a option to integrate Google Reviews in Joomla so that:

  • I can show the reviews easily to vistors of the page (e.g. in a module)
  • I can give google these review to show in the search results

is where any good plugin to solve that issue?


Using a Joomla Extension

There are currently very few Joomla extensions that help with displaying Google Reviews. One example is Google Business Reviews (from €25).

Inserting Code Manually

You can find instructions for manually inserting the appropriate code into your website e.g. see How to display Google Reviews on a Joomla website from Nicky Veitch at Websolutionz.

A Quick Option

Another free quick option, not involving a Google API key, is to manually recreate a few positive reviews with appropriate links for website visitors to read more reviews / leave a new review. You can see an example on Kamron Brooks website at https://skyspider.com.au/#reviews


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