I got this notice when I changed a Joomla website from PHP 5.6 to PHP7.2

"Only variables should be passed by reference in ... on line 116" The second line is line 116

    if($this->isViewExcluded($article)) {
        if($this->isArticleExcluded(JRequest::getInt('id', 0))) {

Same for line 257 The third line beneath

function getArticleLink(&$article)
        $u =& JFactory::getURI();
        return $u->toString();

I read Replacing JRequest (deprecated) with JInput when I got the notice and tried a lot with the solution given on that page (and other pages), but unfortunately no success.

Does anyone has a solution to make this work in PHP7.2 ?


Because the function argument contains a & at the beginning, it requires a variable to be passed by reference rather than referencing an object value directly.

So you'll need to replace this:

if ($this->isArticleExcluded(JRequest::getInt('id', 0))) {


with this:

$id = JFactory::getApplication()->input->get('id');

if ($this->isArticleExcluded($id)) {


Also, you can remove the & before JFactory

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