I managed to edit a file in controller to allow for the edit article link to be directly accessed if a user has a particular username. This is a core edit, but it's a local website only only my pc so I am not worried.

It works when I view in one Internet Explorer, but in another Internet Explorer it doesn't show the editor --only the input for the title. If I refresh the page it shows up.

I looked at echo $this->form->getInput('articletext') in edit.php and it is set to no editor when var_dump(). When I refresh, the dump shows tiny_mce.

I can't for the life of me find what file or process sets the articletext editor nor what it bases it on (checks session or something). I know it would check the user's editor because tinymce is this user's default. It is also the site's default.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now I can't find how the editor is assigned in the php code. Otherwise I might be able to find what is missing from direct link to edit article.

I've compared some var_dumps of this form and $this params. I'm not seeing much of a difference from first view and refreshed view. Any advice?

Update1 :

Also the plugin is a nice idea but it seems likr a lot more work and learning curve. This is hard because i dont have home intetnet. But perhaps in the future i will merge it over to a plug in. If i can figure that all out. For now mt only core hack is the controller.php in com_content. I dont know how to override only specific component controllers. Maybe I will check it out later if I have time. Thanks for all the advice everyone. For now all is working as i stated above.

Also for my origional post. I meant Internet Explorer. Which i assumed any one using joomla would know ie is short form of a browser name. I am typing on a small cellphone with limited time. Sorry for not proof reading. But anyways, i think the issue I had was less about the browser and more about settings.

I still cant find where joomla looks to see if a user has an editor set in their prefrence and to overrite the global configurations defualt editor with that of the users preferance. This would be nice, and I assumed this is default behaviour so I am not sure why when I edit an article on front end with super user the site ignores the users prefrence.

Anyways if any one can help shine some light on this, and again I hope i have time to make a plugin override direct access based on user group or name.


Also i noticed that the global edior was none and showing rhat instead of users prefered esitor. Just changed defuakt to tinymce and it worked.

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I would suggest you find a solution with a plugin. otherwise you run into lots of problems updating your joomla. look at this https://docs.joomla.org/J3.x:Creating_an_Authentication_Plugin_for_Joomla

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  • Links are good, but they should merely supplement a solution. See how my recent answer show a literal, specific solution in the post and offers links to support the advice. joomla.stackexchange.com/a/24092/12352 Broadly recommending a plugin won't be much use to someone who has just come to Joomla. Commented Jan 20, 2019 at 16:00

Got it to wotk well i thinkm i updated ie and editited content controller. Just added in a bariable to deny direct access if not in a super user group. Made a few other changes too. Im using this joomla only for one think on mt home pc. Never will update it. Its a dirty "fix".

Thanks for the help everyone.

  • Your answer needs more detail. We are happy that you found a resolution, but the point of this site is to help more than one person. Imagine if you were researching a similar issue, found this page and wanted to implement a solution, but the answer said: "I was able to fix my own problem. I adjusted my code and now it works." <-- see how that is an utter waste of time to read? Please improve your question and answer. Commented Jan 20, 2019 at 23:57
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