I want to get a category list view inside an article (in this case, inside a tab in an article), but I want to see this category list view styled like when a menu item type shows a category list: a table with header, hits, date, number of articles to show, pagination, etc... What I obtain is only a list with the articles titles, date and hits, all together in the same line, but not in a table layout.

Is it possible get the table layout in any way and insert it in an article (inside a tab, for example)??


  • Can you use php in this article? You could do a query and then list how you want with foreach.
    – Mythic
    Jan 14, 2019 at 12:39

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One option would be to use the Articles - Category module that's shipped with Joomla.

  1. Create module
  2. Set all the options you require
  3. Assign it to a custom position, e.g category-test
  4. In your article, add the following code snippet {loadposition category-test}

By default, this module uses a list layout, so if you'd like to display the data in a table, you can easily perform a Template Override.

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