I know in a template you can add

<jdoc:include type="modules" name="newposition"   />

and then within the positions tags you add your new position.


But I also know you can just create a position out of nowhere by typing it in the module back end in the position slot.

Adding a new module position in the Joomla! module backend

And then you can do module loadposition.

{loadposition some_position}

But if I echo this text in my module it's just text (a string). If I echo the XML that's also a string, but I never expected that to work as it's not in the XML file.

Is it possible to add a module position within a module?

I'd rather do this the built in Joomla! way than using any extensions.


It probably depends on specific circumstances. I have custom modules that contain several 'secondary' modules. I accomplish this using the Modules Anywhere extension and add {example module} to the code for the module I'm putting it in. You don't need to include a module position in the module settings to use Modules Anywhere.


  • Hmm, yes, I'm aware of that extension and it is useful. – Eoin Dec 29 '18 at 0:09

You need to switch on the content plugin

Trigger the onContentPrepare plugin event


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