After an installation process, the translated manifest description from the sys.ini-file is shown in the Extension Manager. Unfortunately this text is also shown while editing the (published) plugin parameters.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<extension type="plugin" version="3.8" group="system" method="upgrade">


PLG_DESCRIPTION="This text is shown after installation AND as description of enabled plugins"

Is it possible to shown a custom message after installation/update in the Extension Manager? And only at this point.

Thanks in advance!

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Yes, it is absolutely possible. You have to create/use an install script.php file in your installable plugin folder which will include tasks on different points of installation, uninstallation, update, preflight or postflight tasks:

For a module, a script class would look like this:

class mod_helloWorldInstallerScript

    public function __construct(JAdapterInstance $adapter) 
        // construct here... it could be left empty

    install, update, preflight... functions here

    * Called on installation        
    public function install(JAdapterInstance $adapter)
        echo 'Your custom message on installation';

    // In this function you can also display your custom message in
    // the Extension Manager after install ie.     
    function postflight($type, $parent) 
        echo '<p>Anything here happens after the installation/update/uninstallation of the module</p>';
        echo JText::_('PLG_MY_CUSTOM_TEXT_AFTER_INSTALL');


Same for plugins... except you call the class: plg_mypluginInstallerScript

You can study this subject more here:

or here at the bottom of this page:

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