add new design view item related items.

Right now we only have two views and I would like to add a new one 1 link 2 related (layout) * 3 simple_view (layout)

1) I have duplicated / copied the element *elements/relateditems in myapp/ elements

2) E written a new line app/elements/relateditems.xml

<params group="render">
    <param name="order" type="zooitemorder" default="_itemname" label="Order" description="ITEM_ORDER" add_default="true" random="true" />
    <param name="layout" type="zoolayout" default="" label="Layout" description="OVERRIDE_DEFAULT_OUTPUT" constraint="autor" />
    <param name="layout" type="zoolayout" default="" label="Layout" description="OVERRIDE_DEFAULT_OUTPUT" constraint="related" />
    <param name="link_to_item" type="radio" default="0" label="Link Item Name" description="Wrap name in link to item">

3) I have created a new design in app/template/default/author/autor.php

4) In positions.xml I have defined the new screen

But I'm seeing that this is not enough, and I do not know what else I have to add to be able to select my model author.php in the related element.

I hope you can help me complete this task because I need several views, and in this case the related element I am using to see the author's avatar simply. enter image description here

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