Is there any way to get full rendered page before returning to the browser? I want to get full page (from <html> to </html>), replace some pseudo variables and retrun to user changed verstion. I can do this using index.php but I looks ugly.

Maybe there is a callback like "on after page rendered"?


To edit entire HTML output directly, create a system plugin with onAfterRender event. Use application's getBody() method to get the content and setBody() to save the modified content.

defined('_JEXEC') or die;

    protected $app;

    public function onAfterRender()
        if ($this->app->getDocument()->type !== 'html')

        $body = $this->app->getBody();

        //do modifications to $body here


But if the content you want to replace is only inside content items (e.g. shortcodes in articles), create a content plugin with onContentPrepare event and only modify the article text.

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