I am currently creating a template for Joomla v.3.9. The accordion menu is already included. For this I made an "Override" by copying the folder "mod_menu" into the template folder and adjusting it. So far so good.

Now I'm struggling to adjust the structure of the a-tag:

<li item-241 deeper parent><a href="#" title="changethecolor" class="fi-foot"> Rathaus</a>

I want to move the title-Attribute to the li-Tag. For example:

<li item-241 deeper parent background-color="changethecolor"><a href="#" class="fi-foot"> Rathaus</a>

At the moment, i'm looking for the right file to change it.

Maybe one of you can tell me which file I have to edit or how I have to start?!

  • Might it be simpler to just use javascript to move the attribute value? Is changethecolor the actual text? or is it an actual color. background-color="changethecolor" doesn't look like valid markup to me, but maybe it is for the template. Do you no longer want the behavior that comes with title in the <a> tag? If you want to recolor the listitem, maybe just use css. Can you explain more about your coding intention? – mickmackusa Nov 15 '18 at 23:12

I made an "Override" by copying the folder "mod_menu" into the template folder

You only need to copy files from modules/mod_menu/tmpl/ folder, not the whole modules/mod_menu/ folder. The files must be placed in templates/your_template/html/mod_menu/folder to be detected.

The folder contains the main default.php layout which loads a specific layout for each menu item based on menu item type. To remove the title, edit type-specific layouts (default_component.php, default_heading.php, default_separator.php and default_url.php). And to add title to <li> element edit the main layout.

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