Like the title says, every time I create a new article, it adds the homepage to the top of it. For example:Article appearing with the homepage

The article actually starts with Media Contact and then everything under it except for the Sign Up for our NEWSLETTER and E-Help part. This isn't just happening with this article - it's every new article I try to create.

All thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

edit: To add more information to this, I actually have an old backup where this very page shows the article properly - without the homepage. I checked the category for this article and it seems to be the same in both the working backup and the current site. Also the menu item it's assigned to and the article itself seems to have the same settings individually. The fact that new articles have this problem leads me to believe it's some global or default setting that was changed but I'm not sure what to check.

  • Hello Joshua. There are many questions that deal with this in this site. Unfortunately I don't have the time to search for them now. I challenge you to do this on your own. Or other community members may be able to post links to those questions. As a quick hint: This is related to how you have configured your website thinking menu items and categories and under what menu item your new articles are displayed - which in this case it should be the same menu item as the one of the home page. – FFrewin Nov 7 at 18:22
  • Are you displaying the content on your homepage via modules? If you are, the content will appear wherever these modules are published. – TryHarder Nov 7 at 23:21

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