I am trying to understand Joomla's MVC logic. please help me figure out the processing of the task

Unedited code from a Joomla package has the front end article edit form with the task field, but its value is missing (file root/components/com_content/views/form/tmpl/edit.php ):

<input type="hidden" name="task" value="" />

By default, the URL of the form's action does not have a task parameter. This is how I see the URL for the action:

JRoute::_('index.php?option=com_content&a_id=' . (int) $this->item->id); ?>

I am not sure, but I think that when the flow reaches the component's entry point, in this case, file root/components/com_content/content.php, the input includes a task article.save

The input data I get is:

  &array(13) {
    string(1) "7"
    array(12) {
      string(69) "Test 1"
      string(0) ""
      string(1) "1"
      string(19) "2018-05-23 05:37:29"
      string(0) ""
      array(3) {
        string(1) "2"
        string(1) "4"
        string(1) "6"
      string(0) ""
      string(0) ""
      string(181) "<p>TEST This is some text</p>
<p>Line 1</p>
<p>Line 2</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Line 3</p>
<p> </p>
<p>Line 7</p>"
      array(1) {
        string(27) "<span class="star">@</span>"
      string(1) "8"
      string(1) "*"
    string(12) "article.save"
    string(180) "aW5kZXgucGhwP29wdGlvbj1jb21fY29udGVudCZ0YXNrPWFydGljbGUuZWRpdCZhX2lkPTcmcmV0dXJuPWFIUjBjSE02THk5c2IyTmhiR2h2YzNRdmMyaHZjblJ6ZEc5eWVTNXpjR0ZqWlM5d2RXSnNhV05mYUhSdGJDOTBaWE4wTFRFPQ=="
    string(1) "1"
    string(11) "com_content"
    string(8) "category"
    string(4) "blog"
    string(1) "8"
    string(3) "101"

Where is the task set?

Given the original edit.php file is missing a value for the task field, is there another field in this form that influences the setting of the task in a file that is called after I click the save button?

Like I try to communicate above, the component's input shows ["task"]=>string(12) "article.save" when the component's entry point file is called (i.e., root/components/com_content/content.php"

Given that the URL task parameter is missing from the form's action, does the URL from which I make the request influences the code that sets the task?

I welcome any information in helping to understand Joomla's MVC logic

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If you inspect the button in the back end, you'll notice that for the most part they are <button onclick="Joomla.submitbutton('view.task');"></button>. When Joomla.submitbutton is called, the value passed into it is automatically transferred into <input type="hidden" name="task" /> if found inside of a <form> with the ID adminForm.

Otherwise, controllers automatically default all tasks to view.display if no task is given.

  • Yes; after I read your answer I noticed the button tag <button type="button" class="btn btn-primary" onclick="Joomla.submitbutton('article.save')"> Thank you
    – IberoMedia
    Commented Nov 6, 2018 at 13:51

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