in my component Centros I have the view and model for Hospitals, working fine. I want to call a general model. general.php located in the models folder.

class CentrosModelGeneral extends JModelItem
    protected $general;
    public function getFck()
        if (!isset($this->general))
            $this->general = 'Hello World!';
        return $this->general;

I want to access into the general model from my hospìtal component. So, inside my function display() I am trying this:

    $model = JModelLegacy::getInstance( 'general', 'CentrosModel');
    var_dump ($model->get('fck'));

The var_dump gives me a null value. :( What is wrong?. The var_duymp($model); gives me a long StdClass.


     protected 'general' => null
      protected '_item' => null
      protected '_context' => string 'group.type' (length=10)
      protected '__state_set' => null
      protected '_db' => 
     protected 'name' => string 'general' (length=7)
     protected 'option' => string 'com_centros' (length=11)
     protected 'state' => 

So, it looks like is working, but i dont know how to call the getFck function..

Any idea?

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Okey this was a stupid question, I just needed to add:

    var_dump ($model->getFck());
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    There are no stupid questions -- well, maybe there are, but this one doesn't need to be labeled as such. Let's make lemonade from lemons here. If you ran into such a hiccup, there is a good chance that others will too. Please take a moment to educate other Joomla users about your discovery, explain why you couldn't see what you needed and why your solution works. This is a real opportunity to help/educate others who aren't experienced with object data. Nov 2, 2018 at 21:18

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